In order to proceed a car rental ;
If you are a student you need to be at the age of 21 with a TRNC licence.
If you are a Graduated student the procedure is to re enter the TRNC as a tourist and this will make you liable to rent a car with a TR or international licence.
If you are working for the military you will need a TRNC licence, if the 90 day duration has passed then a TRNC licence will be of need if not the car rental can not take place.
If the holders licence does not compose of english or turkish writing even with a translated formal form this licence can not be accepted.
Car rental duration,
The minimum car rental duration is 3 days.
After the car rental has taken place,the extension of the contract can be done at any of our 4 bases in North cyprus which are situated in Famagusta, Nicosia, Ercan airport and Kyrenia. This procedure can not be done through email or phone.
Payment Methods,
· Cash
· Credit Card
· Account Transfer
· Mail order

The prices are inclusive of VAT.
The Return of the car after rental can proceed at any one of our 4 bases in North cyprus which are situated in Famagusta, Nicosia, Ercan airport and Kyrenia. The renter just needs to inform the original base of their car delivery will be depending on what suits them the best.
The renter is held responsible to deliver the car the way it was given.
The renter alongside with the cyprus ways agent will witness the car being checked ,If the car contains any scratches or damage this will be marked on the rental contract and also the spare tyre etc will be shown valid on the contract.
In place of a car accident the renter should inform the company of this incident and also the police.
If the renter delivers the car before the expected date their is no refund.
If the rented car is used in a dangerous manner or used for any form of illegal action, The company can take the rented car with out giving notice to the renter with the spare keys.The contract will be canceled immediately .If the case of any of the above and the renter had day duration on their contract they will not be liable to any form of refund.
When the car insurance is finished it will not cover the renter.
Petrol, oil, tyres and the car radiators responsibility belongs to the renter.
Any damage caused by the use of alcohol and drugs will be excluded from any cover that the insurance has. All the cost will belong to the renter.
If their are any parking fines or camera fines the renter will be held responsible to cover the costs.
The renter can not use the car for any form of work (taxi) And also no advertisement can be done upon the car.
If the car is damaged the renter can not take the car to be repaired at a location place they know,must be done through the company.

All of our cars have TRAFFIC INSURANCE ( Third Part)
insurance cover policy
If the insurance agreement for the car rental does not hold the drivers name the insurance will not cover anything in any way. In action of this the contract name holder will be held responsible.
If a traffic accident takes place and the third part driver is not the cause of the accident and also have a police report to confirm this incident, The renter will not be liable to pay any fines or payment claims.
If the Renter is the cause of the traffic accident and the renter has had a police report the insurance will cover the other driver but the costs of the rented car will be held responsible to the renter.
If the rented car is damaged while parked or on road and their is no police report to confirm the incident of how the damage was caused the renter will be liable to all costs.
(Full insurance)
This insurance is a type that covers you in many aspects in the case or a right – off with the car, this insurance states only a certain amount of payment the renter will need to make.
When this insurance is used the deductible preferred policies, the payment of the claim is paid after deduction of the exemption from the policy. that is, the amount calculated according to the written exemption rate in the policy, while the damage claim is being calculated, is covered by the insurers themselves.
purpose of issuing exempted motor insurance policies; it is the responsibility of the insurance company to pay, this insurance covers even the smallest of claims. Thereby this insurance by increasing the care and attention to ensure the participation of the insured is in place.
With this insurance by paying an extra fee which is only a certain amount just incase of the event of an accident, The renter will only be held responsible to pay the amount on the policy contract. The cost of this insurance changes according to the car the renter rents, The price can be given to the renter after full details of what they would best suit them to rent.

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