Before doıng thıs sport it is ımportant to know excatlt what you are doıng. Knowing the history of this sport, you can get a brief overview of where it came from, who it is and how it has achieved success. In this way you will  learn and also be entertained. Here ıs some brief information about paragliding;

Although the paraglidıng appears to have appeared in the 1980s for the first time, it would not have been possible to pass without mentioning the parachute design of Leonardo Vinci in 1945, the jumps made with umbrella-like designs between 1600 and 1700, and the first parachute design made in 1887.

Today, in NORTHERN CYPRUS, you can easily reach a JEEP or SALON CAR with a suitable price for the area you are going to jump in the GIRNE REGION beıng most suitable. To rent a CAR IN NORTHERN CYPRUS will be advantageous for you,Because there is not enough public transport available here in North cyprus. İt will also be quite costly for you to TRANSPORT by taxi. This area has an exquisite view in the GIRNE REGION where you will perform the jump.You can easily see the st. Hillarion castle and the Five Finger Mountains. If you want a quietpeaceful sightseeing trip, you can also experience an adrenaline-filled adventure.

Do not have any trouble in terms of your safety because your professional pilot will always be with you. To live this unforgettable excitement, you only need to spend two hours of your time.
The souvenir photographs will keep your memories and the unique beauty of NORTHERN CYPRUS in your memory. You do not need to train or go to school to participate in thıs  sport. Pilots specializing in parachuting will be your guide throughout the flight. You will also be covered by NORTH CYPRUS aviation law insurance while doing this sport. 

As long as weather conditions are favorable, you can enjoy your flight almost every day with pleasure. A wonderful sport that will allow you to enjoy the unique view of NORTH CYPRUS while enjoying the adrenalin peak.
There are also other companies so you are not only limited to the GIRNE REGION but can have thıs exsperıence ın the  area and place that suıts you the most need them free of charge whether you need GAZİMAĞUSA or LEFKOSA wherever you like. You can also do things like microlight flight, parachute, balloon and also wind gliding. You do not need to spend a lot of money to perform these activities, in addition to getting the course.
If you are going to investigate, you will see that it is a sports here ın NORTH CYPRUS are much more affordable than other countries. In addition, you will receive TRANSFER SERVICE free of charge in the area where you will perform the flight. On the trıp all you need to take is water, comfortable shoes and sunglasses for this sport, it does not require a special outfit.

The unique nature of NORTH CYPRUS with its warm weather and exquisite scenery will add meaning to your excitement. If you live in NORTHERN CYPRUS and you have not done paragliding, then you have missed out on a lot. Also to our precious vacationers dont miss the amazıng exsperience of paragliding in NORTHERN CYPRUS  will definitely complete your holiday and fıll ıt with excitement at the BEST PRICE.