NORTHERN CYPRUS is an excellent organization that you can witness with its cultural characteristics where you can catch the opportunity of tasting the unique indulgent delicacies which are repeated twice a year in spring and autumn.
For those who do not know, I will briefly talk about what ECO clearly is; ECO (ECO)The  word is universal. It's a rule-based phenomenon. If you are to use this word to perform an activity, you must have the rules that you have accepted  as INTERNATIONAL norms, which is, your traditions and customs. It is only  done by the NORTH CYPRUS MINISTERIAL COMMITTEE in the villages awarded as ECO. If you are going to perform an organization using this name; It is reasonable that the village has that title. Today, however, this organization is practiced in almost every village. There are two villages in the REPUBLIC OF NORTH CYPRUS that have received this title. GÜÜKKONUK and BAĞLIKÖY. So the question is where are these villages ...

Büyükkonuk; It is in the KARPAZ district. It is a town located in İSKELE  near GAZİMAĞUSA. BAĞLIKÖY is a village located in the Guzelyurt district of NORTHERN CYPRUS. It is one of the oldest villages of NORTH CYPRUS.  Its a place that has not lost its naturalness, its history or the smell of natüre, its culture is unspoiled.

Let's share some information on how to get to these villages before we go into the details of what is done in ECO DAY. Today, you can easily rent a car at the four most important  points of NORTHERN CYPRUS where we can offer you our services.

You can rent from our CYPRUS WAYS RENT A CAR office located in the center of FAMAGUSTA REGION, with a choıce of our saloon or luxury vehicles.we can can respond to all kinds of requests.Our office in GIRNE REGION is opposite the GRAND PASHA HOTEL and TANGO TO BUDDHA RESTAURANT & BAR. Our NİCOSİA office is very close to the NEAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY. Besides, our other office, which is one of the most important points for you to have a precious visit, is at ERCAN AIRPORT.  Transportation will be very easy for you.

If you are in NORTHERN CYPRUS when ECO DAY is done, you can put yourself on the top of the lucky list. You will then have the opportunity to taste the unique flavors of the unique cuisine of NORTH CYPRUS. KUBAK BİTTASI (baked and stuffed pumpkins grated and covered in dough) BULGUR KÖFTESİ (Wheat made into dough and then fried after putting mince in) TATAR YEMEĞİ (Spread pastry with pasta sauce on top of cube-cut fried potatoes) oven baked potatoes and meat wıth tomato sauce, Oven baked olıve and halloumı bread.

It is blended with garlic and olive oil. HELLİM (A Kind of Cheese) PEACH KEBABI (Cooking in a barbecue by dressing in Shirts in Minced Meat, Spicey onion Meatballs) and many other foods.

You can buy products such as olive oil soap, olive oil, vinegar, zivaniya which ıs a traditional spirit drink.And also traditional turkish coffee.
You can enjoy Turkish coffee which is grounded down into powder before boiling. There will also be plenty of tradittional acitivities you can take part in or just enjoy watching like how the olive oil was made ın the old days with the help of donkeys and how baskets and trays were made,and traditional sewing.Also how turkish desserts where made will be shown and displaid. 
It will be a great event for you to spend a full day of fun and also a traditional exsperience.