historical-island-cypruswaysThe Northern side of Cyprus has had so many historical events and a Constitution that has lasted for hundreds of years.
The first of these is the Famagusta region; It has 5 important structures. We can answer all your needs as Cyprusways Rent a Car when renting a suitable car on your visit to North Cyprus, renting a  luxuary car or  renting an economical car we offer a service suitable to all clientel . In addition to this, our car rental company can also offer the service of transfers and also  sofor services to see places you never knew could be so beautiful and also you wıll gain  important knowledge about the unique history of



One of the most important structures of history;

1.  Famagusta Walls of the  Castle:

It was made during the Luzinian period between 1192 and 1489. Immediately after the revelations, the castle, which was conquered by the Venetians, was informed by the news that the Ottomans would come to the island; Captain Nikola F, who was brought in from Venice in 1550, and Giovanni G., who was an Engineer. It was conquered by the Ottomans within a period of 10 months. This conquest was the bloodiest and longest battle in European history. Many innocent people in the Cyprus Peace Operation of 1974 succeeded to hide in these walls.

It is also called as Aşıklar Tepesi (lovers hill)  today. According to his position, he had many love guests. Apart from this, according to a custom, the people of the periphery have claimed that they heard voices at night in this location. Afterwards it was understood to be the voice of a owl who actually lived there.


2. Lala Mustafa Mosque

It is one of the two largest mosques in the TRNC. This building which served as a church in 1328, was converted by the Ottomans in 1571 in order to meet the worship needs of the people of the environment. The Conqueror of Cyprus had the name of Lala Mustafa Pashan.

3. Canbulat Tomb and Museum

Canbulat is locationof the Army, which had prepared for the 1974 Peace Operation, participated in the insistent recommendations of Anatolian Beylerbeyi İskender Paşan. During the conquest of Nicosia; It is bound to touch superiority.

The Venetians placed Arsenal Burcu, a knife-covered impeller, to prevent the Ottomans from entering the quarry. In order for the Ottoman army to enter the city, Canbulat Pasha rides on a white horse and tries to stop them. During this time the impeller rotates and the Ottomans succeed in entering the hill. Having broken his cheek, Canbulat took his head under his chair and fought for his lifefor 3 days and 3 nights. This behavior, which gave power and motivation to the Ottoman soldiers, allowed them to conquer Kalay. According to the Rivay, this topic has been legendary and it is told to the visitors where the turban is located very close to the port of Magusa and opened to the public as a museum. You can also burn a candle here and make a vow.

4. Namik Kemal Dungeon

Among the works of Namık Kemal in 1873; After Vatan or Silistre was staged, the complaints of some audiences who watched the game and the events that he had caused Namik Kemal to be sent to the dungeon in Famagusta For 38 months, when he had been imprisoned  he had fallen ill many times which caused him alot of suffering. This building, which is very close to the Canbulat Pasha Museum, is now very valuable to visitors who want to witness closely the life and works of Namık Kemal.

5. Othello Tower

Othello, which is called the Impossible Castle; 14 YY. The tower was built by Luzinans with the principle of protecting the port of Famagusta. In 1481, L. Da Vinci came to the palace and found recommendations for sanctioning Venetians. Othello was named after Othello, who was Moroccan, the protagonist of the famous work of Shakespeare. Today  many organizations and concerts are held in this area.

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