Northern Cyprus Orange Festivals

Northern Cyprus Orange Festivals



It is a beautiful district just like the name it has been given Güzelyurt meaning beautiful. It is located in the North West of North Cyprus. It has a very wide range of citrus fruits. From the moment you enter the Güzelyurt border, it is not possible to take your eyes away from the unique beauty of the orange  gardens and the greenery on show. The orange sculpture that greets you in the center as you enter Güzelyurt has become the symbol of Güzelyurt.




It comes from the orange citrus fruit, which are packed with Vitamin C. Especially in winter it is the indispensable fruit for the cold months.




The Güzelyurt orange festival is held regularly every year. It is an organization you need to attend when you come to Northern Cyprus. Our closest branch to Güzelyurt that You can rent a suitable  car from is in Nicosia, CyprusWays Rent a Car is in the neighborhood of  Near East University.The travel from thıs location to Güzelyurt is extaudanary  with its amazing scenery and colours of nature until you arrive to the festival area. Besides, since it has many structures, you will have many valid reasons togo and spend time in this area.

As you eat tons of oranges and drink  freshly squeezed orange juice, you will witness countless organizations. Concerts and also beauty contests, etc.